You have probably heard about The Big Help Out initiative, launched by his Majesty King Charles on March 20th. He has set us all the challenge to volunteer in some way, shape or form on Monday 8th May, as part of his Coronation weekend celebrations.

We would like to take it one, or even two steps forward and encourage us all to volunteer throughout May, and potentially beyond!

To find out more more about The Big Help Out initiative in general please go to their website, there are lots of great ideas of how you might get involved. One really good thing to do is to download their App onto your phone, by just scanning the codes, or you can register online.

Another brilliant resource is the Volunteer Service for East Sussex, they have a really easy to navigate website - why not visit to see what's available for you to help with: https://www.vces.org.uk

Maybe you have some suggestions, perhaps locally to you, where they need more volunteers? Or perhaps you know of other resources that might be worth sharing with our members? If you have anything that you would like added to this page, to help make May 2023 the start of something big, please email susannawaywi@gmail.com.

Let's make May special!!