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Susanna WayFederation Chairman

Lee EdeFederation Chairman

East Sussex Federation of Women's Institutes (ESFWI) was formed in 1919 having originally been part of the Sussex Federation which was the first to be created in the country in 1917 - just slightly earlier than the National Federation.

Today we have nearly 100 WIs across the County in both towns and villages.  They each have a regular monthly meeting and many WIs have interest clubs and other activities in between. One thing is certain, wherever you live in East Sussex you are not too far from a WI.

Each WI has its own character, activities etc. and we encourage prospective members to visit several to make sure they find the one that suits them.  Many of our members enjoy the WI so much that they belong to two WIs.  As a member in East Sussex you will also have access to the wide range of activities, workshops, outings etc. arranged by ESFWI.

Our friendly office staff, based in Hailsham, are happy to give information about local WIs for you to visit.  In the unlikely event of you not finding a WI to suit you (wrong day, time etc) then why not gather a few like-minded friends, contact Hailsham HQ and we'll talk about starting a brand new WI. Come and join us.

Lee Ede and Dorothy Proietti
Joint Federation Chairs